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Yes, my hands really are full!

In 2008, 5 months after I had my second child, I remember seeing a clip for a new show that would showcase a mom and dad with their 17 children.  I also recall thinking to my younger self, how in the world do they make this happen?  I think my curiosity more than anything kept me tuned in week after week. 

Fast forward 12 years and now some of those very episodes that I was amazed at while watching, recall my memory and push me to get it done.  When I was a child, I never remember telling anyone, writing it down or even promising myself that one day, I'd be a mother and that I would have 7 children.  Oh my goodness, my older self would probably tell my younger self that I was CRAZY!  However, the past 17 years, with each additional child, my life has been more and more enriched and for that I am forever thankful!  When people meet me, they are always shocked  that I have 7 children and that YES, they are all mine!  Some have questions, some look concerned, most want to know, just like I  did watching that show, how do we do it.  But there is one comment, one statement that has always seemed to be my least favorite. 


I've often wondered why that seems to be the answer or the remark that people find fitting to give to a mother with a large family and not to a mother with maybe only 1 or two children.  Over the years, I have found ways of just looking past the comment, answering with a smile or just a quick laugh to bypass the encounter.  As I have become more and more intentional about myself and how I am presented to my children, I have a new level of comfort with that statement.  

So, how do we do it? Motherhood for me has been something that has come easy as I have a love for children.  Some days are easier than others and most days are the most rewarding that I could ever experience.  I take each day's obstacles and turn them into learning experiences for all of us.  We learn together, we grow together, we make mistakes together and we even mess up.   Having a family this large, takes planning, patience, and lots of flexibility.  It all works in large part by the amazing support of my husband and his willingness to let me be this mom.  I am not perfect by far and some may even venture to tell you that I fall short of some of the “motherhood” makers. But there is one thing that is for sure, I am never upset, disappointed, or regretful about having full hands.

You see, I find pride in the fact that I am the mother of 7 beautiful children.  So yes, my hands are full.  Full of little hearts that need me to care for them and make things better not matter the circumstances.  Full of little minds that look to me to be nurtured and filled with the knowledge that they will need to accomplish their highest goals and dream their biggest dreams.  My hands are full of little personalities that need me to give them the space  and freedom they need to develop into their best selves.  It’s full of hopes and dreams that drive the purpose behind all of my planning and doing.  My hands hold the fears and the worries that cause me to have to wipe tears and dry eyes.  My hands hold on to the hope that one this world will be just what each of them desires and thinks it should be. Even if my hands are always full, I will be okay. These are the things that make me the mother that I am. They are the things that make everything I saw the mom on that show do make sense.  These are the things that keep moving, motivated and that have meaning.

 If this, all of this, is what it means to have my hands full, then thank you! Because I am glad that my hands carry this promise for the future.  Full hands, to me, is a full heart!

-Leila Blue 

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  • You are truly blessed, I love you all

    Marion McGregor

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