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Lettie Lovie

  • Becoming a New Mother

    On November 8th, 2019 after 13 hours of labor, and only 5 minutes of pushing I gave birth to a 5lb, 19 inches long, curly-haired, gorgeous baby girl. Malani was born two days before my first wedding anniversary.  It's funny because my husband brought me a steak dinner and roses to the hospital and we celebrated.
  • Dalijah's Birth Story

    Being a Black Woman and knowing how high the mortality rate of black women is during childbirth versus any other race, I brought it up at EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT.  My team of Doctors were amazing.  I went to OBGYN Westside in New York City and felt safe and heard at every appointment.  I wrote down questions each time I went in and made sure they answered every question.  I expressed my fear of dying during birth and they made sure to ease my fear with every appointment.  I can not say this enough, Black women, use your voice!
  • Epilepsy - The Neverending Journey

    Sunday The days leading up to today have been nearly perfect - a lunch date & nail day with my best friend, an impromptu birthday party for our...
  • Must Have Baby Items!

    Meet Tiffany Ramirez a Fashion Blogger turned Mama whose on the road traveling for her husbands crazy COVID-19 baseball season! Read her must-have baby items & be sure to check out her Instagram where she shares all things, motherhood, fashion, baseball wife life & her light and airy presets!
  • Finding Your Way Through Postpartum

    I lived in denial for so long. It was hormones, they would level out. I’d be okay. We’d be okay. I wasn’t ever sad or depressed, I never had thoughts of harming myself or my children, so it’s not like I had PPD… right?
  • Moms Are Superheroes

    I’ve watched several women handle work and family just fine. I am happy to have been in the same room as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executives that were women. Almost all of them had kids.
  • The Oh So Cute & Good For The Skin, Milk Bath

    Did you know a milk bath is good for the skin AND great for a photoshoot?! Watch Noelle share her DIY Milk Bath! 

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  • Right now, right as you are.

    If you take anything away from this, mama.. whether you are a veteran Mom, a Mom to be. Or a one day Mom... or just has a human being for that matter. It should be that your worth isn’t, never has been, and never should be based on your physical shell