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About LL

We began drafting up the idea of Lettie Lovie in May 2018 and were up and running by September 2018. Let us tell you, those four months were exhilarating and terrifying!  We invested much of our savings, blood, sweat and tears (literally), and every little bit of energy, time & love we had left into making Lettie Lovie and operating a small business. 

Fast forward to now, 2020, the year COVID-19 locked us into quarantine and inspired us to really focus on our goals with Lettie Lovie.  We knew we could either sink or swim during this pandemic.  Here we are, rebranded, relaunched, ready to rock 2020 with our own exclusive brand.

We love our small business and everything it stands for. The saying community over competition is a motto we are determined to operate on and will continue to run our small, but mighty business by. We love to support other small businesses, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us for a collaboration, guidance, help or just to say hello! 

We are focusing a lot of our effort on building a community where everyone can come to encourage one another, share successes and failures, and laugh and cry together, because let's be honest we all need a good cry sometimes. So please, engage with us, reach out, post an anonymous (or not) comment on our blogs.  We're sharing it all, not just the highlight reel and we're here for you.

We love the creative side of owning a business. Which is why we're flipping the switch from carrying mostly other brands to carrying our own Lettie Lovie designs. Part of our creative outlet is making hand dying items for your little Lovie's, such as our bummies, headwraps, soothie clips and socks! We love the uniqueness that the dying process brings to each piece. No two pieces are exactly alike. 

At Lettie Lovie, we strive to not only build a business, but a family - so please if you chose to support us, help spread the word about who we are!  Post on social media and tag us, follow our pages, interact with us, share our content, leave us product reviews on our site and facebook pages, DM us with comments, every little bit helps!

When you support Lettie Lovie & shop small, you're giving us confirmation that our hard work is worth it and our dream is supported and we can't thank you enough for coming along on this journey with us.

xoxo, Liv & Kenz