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The Faces Behind LL

Hello! I’m Mackenzie - I am queen of always having something new going on, it's safe to say, I don't relax or sit still for very long, it's not my nature! When I am not working on Lettie, I am raising a toddler, working for a consulting firm, and trying to figure my life out!  My husband currently plays professional baseball, so we travel full time during baseball season, and never have a dull moment in our lives!
I have been staying home with my daughter full time & in 2017, the year she was born, I began dealing with really bad postpartum depression.  I was exhausted and struggling from raising a baby partially on my own while my husband played baseball, living out of hotels, empty apartments, off air mattresses, seeing my friends/support systems come and go, and through it all losing sight of myself. (YES, the minor leagues are a struggle, but for the chance my husband can live out his dream, we will do anything).  I didn't want my daughter to see me struggle, I knew she could sense my tension, she still can.  Creating Lettie Lovie in 2018 was my saving grace.  Lettie has helped provide me with another purpose, showed me a new passion, sparked my imagination, allowed me to express my creativity, challenged me in healthy ways that weren't parenthood, gave me the opportunity to engage with other mamas, and most importantly gave and still gives me the opportunity to spend time doing something other than raising my daughter, because honestly being a full time stay at home mom isn't for everyone, and that's okay!
Hi! I’m Olivia - visual merchandiser by day, wife to my amazing hubby and fur mom to one energetic pup. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, I’ve always dreamt of starting my own boutique. Lettie Lovie is that dream come true. I get to pursue my design talent and use my creativity to inspire others. Lettie Lovie is truly a labor of love for me. When we came up with the idea of Lettie Lovie, my husband and I had recently decided to start our family. Unfortunately, it hasn't been a walk in the park for us. We're currently battling infertility and have experienced the loss of an ectopic pregnancy. Although the spare bedroom in our house has come in handy for housing Lettie Lovie, this is not where I imagined we would be when I decided to start a children's boutique. To say the least, it's been a challenge to operate while struggling with trying to become a mom, but it's also been such a blessing in disguise. The connections I've made through Lettie Lovie are what give me hope. I've discovered a whole community of women who share their stories on Instagram and I've gained lasting friendships from it, which is why I share my journey to motherhood on the Lettie Lovie blog, with the hopes that it will help one of you who may be walking a similar road. Regardless of your motherhood status, you're always welcome here. I'm so happy you found Lettie Lovie and look forward to getting to know you. Welcome to the family!